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Quickstart guide

We put in a lot of effort to keep BitNinja as easy to use and install as possible. The easiest way to install BitNinja is by using our universal one-line installer.

You can find the different installation methods by following the instructions on

Add new server button

The safest choice is to use the universal installer. The universal installer is a one-line command you can use to begin the BitNinja installation on your server. It will detect the distribution and version of your Linux operating system and install BitNinja.

wget -qO- | /bin/bash -s - --license_key=****your_license_key******
Don't forget to set the license key!

BitNinja uses this 16-byte long string to connect your server to your profile. You can obtain the license key by logging in to the Dashboard <> and clicking on the Add Server button or under your profile settings <>. Look for the API key. If you have purchased the license key from one of our resellers then you should get the license key from them via email.

Non-interactive installation

In case you need to install BitNinja in a non-interactive way, you should use the apt-get or yum install methods with the -y option, like apt-get install -y bitninja or yum install -y bitninja.