BitNinja does not support these features since 2.0.0. For more information check the changelog.

CentOs / CloudLinux 5ΒΆ

CentOs5 and CloudLinux5 have many versions and we only have experimental support for their ipsets. You can try to fix the missing ipset module following these steps, or if it fails, you can try to install ipset from the source. You can find detailed information about the source.

Step 1.

Edit /etc/yum.repost.d/BitNinja.repo and change the http://rpm.bitninja.io/1.0/ link to http://rpm.bitninja.io/centos5/

Your /etc/yum.repost.d/BitNinja.repo should look like this:

name=BitNinja Server Security

Step 2.

yum clean all

Step 3.

yum install bitninja

In many cases with 64 bit systems it works just fine. With 32 bit systems it depends on the kernel version. If something unwanted happens because of the ipset shipped with BitNinja for CentOs5, you can downgrade the ipset by

yum downgrade ipset.