Installation into WHM

If you’d like to install BitNinja into WHM, all you need to do is run the following command in your Linux terminal:

wget -qO- | tar -zx && ./bitninja-whm/install --license_key=****your_license_key******


You can obtain your custom license key by logging in to httpss:// and clicking on the Add Server button or visiting the settings page httpss:// Look for the API key.

If you already have BitNinja installed, you can use the –no_install_bitninja flag to install BitNinja into WHM without downloading the full installer itself. To do this, run the following command:

wget -qO- | tar -zx && ./bitninja-whm/install --no_install_bitninja

Alternative methods

If you have curl installed, you can also use the following commands for installation:

curl | tar -zx && ./bitninja-whm/install --license_key=****your_license_key******

And without downloading the full installation script:

curl | tar -zx && ./bitninja-whm/install --no_install_bitninja