Stopping and UninstallingΒΆ

If you have to stop BitNinja you can use the following command:

service bitninja stop

To remove BitNinja you can use these commands:

Debian based distribution:

apt-get purge 'bitninja*'

Rpm based distribution:

yum remove 'bitninja*'

Removing kmod-ipset on Centos5

yum remove kmod-ipset

Removing ipset on Centos5

yum remove ipset

Removing BitNinja from WHM

wget -qO- | tar -zx && ./bitninja-whm/uninstall

Removing BitNinja from ISPmanager

wget -qO- | tar -zx && ./ispmgr-plugin/uninstall

Use the following command to remove SSL certificates:

rm -R /opt/bitninja-ssl-termination

Use the following command to remove the BitNinja logs folder:

rm -R /var/log/bitninja