BitNinja does not support these features since 2.0.0. For more information check the changelog.

Ubuntu 10.04

Under Ubuntu 10.04 you need new iptables and compile ipset from source. Follow these steps to install the required new iptables and ipset:

wget https://launchpad.net/~dns/+archive/ubuntu/misc/+files/iptables_1.4.12-1ubuntu4~lucid1_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i iptables_1.4.12-1ubuntu4~lucid1_amd64.deb

Now you have recent enough iptables to install BitNinja. Now you have to install ipset too.

sudo apt-get install ipset ipset-source
m-a a-i ipset

Now you can run the universal installer to install BitNinja.

wget -qO- https://get.bitninja.io/install.sh | /bin/bash -s - --license_key=

Don’t forget to add your license key to the end of the command!