Slack integrationΒΆ

You can integrate BitNinja with Slack to receive notifications to your channel about important security events happening on your server(s). You can choose to receive messages when a malware has been found on your server, and when the BitNinja protection becomes active or inactive.

For the integration to work, you should create a Slack app and generate a webhook as described at the original Slack documentation site:

After successfully generating the webhook, you can save it on your Dashboard, and choose what kind of notifications you’d like to receive on your channel. You must choose at least one of the options provided on:

_images/bitninja-slack-integration-4.jpg _images/bitninja-slack-integration-2.jpg _images/bitninja-slack-integration-3.jpg

You can add more Slack webhook URLs if necessary. After successfully saving the webhook, our services will handle the notification sending to you channel.