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Use BitNinja on a Linode server

To create a server with BitNinja installed, visit Linode's marketplace, click “Deploy this App”, and follow the instructions listed there. If you deploy BitNinja in a Linode Marketplace App, this deployment will create a new Linode server environment instance automatically, with BitNinja deployed on the new Linode server with default configuration.


The agent can only be installed from the Linode marketplace, if a new virtual machine is created for this application only. You cannot install any app from the Marketplace on an existing machine. Linode Marketplace app deployment is a forced process which includes creation of a new Linode VPS each time , any Linode Marketplace App deployed.

If you wish to install BitNinja on your Linode, you have to follow the general registration and installation steps.

Deploying the BitNinja App on an existing Linode

  1. Register an account at
  2. Open the BitNinja Dashboard
  3. Copy the installation command from the Dashboard If you have no servers added yet to the account you can see the installation code on the start page If you already have servers added to the account you need to click on the ADD new server button next to the server's box
  4. Paste it into your server’s terminal and hit enter
  5. After the installation is over you need to decide if you would like to run a Malware scan on the server.